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Dear Rally: How Do I Emotionally and Physically Keep Moving Forward After Repeat Failure?

How do I emotionally & physically keep moving forward on my #infertilityjourney after repeat failure?

Our answer:

Dear emotionally & physically exhausted,

Infertility is not for the faint of heart; it brings even the strongest people to their knees. While there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to keep trucking through the dark, messy & cold trenches, here are some tips on what has helped us & what has helped others we have talked to.


❤️ Therapy – couples or solo, especially with someone who specializes in infertility; not only does having an unbiased third party work wonders, but it’s nice to hold a space to have the hard conversations & unload the heavy shit so you can live your life the rest of the time.

❤️ Self-care – mediation, baths, retail therapy, taking a day off to just be, reading a book, indulge in a spa treatment, etc.; all of these things can provide an important reset when you feel you’ve hit rock bottom.

❤️ Build up your support system – friends, family, social media buddies, a support group, your therapist; find who you’re comfortable opening up to & hold on tight.


⏰ Take a break when it’s necessary – hormones do weird things to our bodies & after a failed treatment, not only do you feel shitty it didn’t work but you may not like how you look & feel physically. Taking a month (or two or three) off to get back to feeling like yourself again can make such a difference & get you ready to start again.

🙏🏼 Give yourself grace – we oftentimes get mad at or even claim we “hate” our bodies for not cooperating; instead think of how amazing it is that it’s even cooperating at all when we are pushing it so hard.

💪🏽 Stay active – unless you’re prohibited by your doctor or flat out don’t feel like it, stay active; a walk, a bike ride, spin class, garage workout, yoga practice, etc. – you’ll be surprised how good you feel (even after failure) when you move your body on a regular basis.

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