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Frequently Asked Questions

We are working to provide this is the future. The only items available for individual purchase at this time are merch. You saw how cute our shirts are, right?

For starters, co-founders Blair and Ali offer two unique perspectives. Blair is in the middle of her IVF journey (2 years, 5 rounds and counting) and Ali has successfully grown her family after her own struggles and is “on the other side” so to speak. We pride ourselves in being all-inclusive so we will be covering all topics from same sex family building, adoption and inferitlity for women/men of color in addition to general topics like IVF. And finally, you will see A LOT of us in this community.  Face time is very important to us.

WAHOO! We love this and take member feedback very seriously. Please submit any ideas under the ABOUT>CONTACT US section on the main Fertility Rally site.

We totally understand and while we would love for you stay and hang with us, we want what is best for you. You can cancel my emailing us at hello@fertilityrally.com.

Not to toot our own horn, but we offer giftable memberships for this exact reason. Wine gets drank, flowers die, treats get eaten, but this is the gift that will keep on giving. No matter what news your friend receives, we've got him/her covered. We are here day in and day out for every stage of the journey.