Our Story

Our Story

Fertility Rally is an all-inclusive community, created for EVERYONE who is going through infertility, has gone through infertility, has questions about fertility in general, or who is building their modern families in a “non-traditional” way.

We see you–and we want you to know that you’re not alone. This space is for anyone seeking support, curated information, inclusion, humor, kick ass virtual and IRL events and awesome discounts while navigating the rocky AF waters of fertility, infertility, intended parenthood and beyond (because the truth is, even if you’re “done” with infertility, your story doesn’t necessarily end there).

No more Google Rabbit Holes

No more Crazy Expensive Therapy

No More Feeling Alone

No More “At Leasts”

What started off as a one-time event (Fertility Rally in Brooklyn, October 2020), has turned into a membership platform—because we realized that we don’t want to just Rally with everyone in this community on certain days of the year—we want to do it every single day. 

Sure, there are other places where you can find educational information or support groups. But we aim to be the go-to place for everything you need on your fertility journey and beyond, from answering your basic treatment questions to hosting fun-as-shit Happy Hours with special guests from the community (and everything in between). 

We feel we bring a unique approach to this community because we’re offering two different perspectives—after going through secondary infertility, Ali has a four-year-old son through IVF and is “on the other side,” and Blair is currently in the midst of her fifth IVF cycle. Both of us are truly passionate about this community, and we care about each and every one of you.

And just as in our podcasts and our IG accounts, we’ll continue to be accessible, approachable and intimately involved (a.k.a. you can’t get rid of us, haha).

In this community, you’ll find a group of women (and guys) from all walks of life, from all over the world, in all different situations, all gathered together for one reason- to RALLY together and lift each other up.

Think of it as 24/7 therapy—but unconventional and fun. (To be clear, we’re not licensed therapists, but we’ve both been there, and we know how you feel.)

Let us empower you, connect you with like-minded badasses, and lift you up every single day. We can’t wait to RALLY with you!

We want this to be an open community full of transparency, sharing and acceptance. In this spirit of that, we would like to take a little time to introduce ourselves.

Blair Nelson

Hey y’all, I’m Blair, co-founder of Fertility Rally and founder of Fab Fertility, the brand, blog & podcast. My husband and I turned to IVF to start our family in May of 2018 after finding out my husband has a balanced translocation. At 33 years old, after four rounds of IVF, 3 failed frozen embryo transfers, 1 heartbreaking miscarriage and numerous procedures (ERA, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and HSG to name a few), our arms are still empty. We are in the thick of round 5 as we speak because we are not ready to give up on our dream of creating our own biological children. I turned to this community in my darkest moments to find people who understood me because infertility is fucking hard. The (in)fertility community brought me back to life and now, with Fab Fertility and Fertility Rally, I’m hoping to return the favor.

Fertility Rally | Alison Prato
Ali Prato
Hi, I’m Ali, co-founder of Fertility Rally and the founder and host of Infertile AF, the podcast. After having my daughter, Ever, when I was 35 in 2009, I waited 2+ years to try and have another kid. Shit did not go well. I had 4 miscarriages, infertility depression and marriage problems—and I was triggered by Pampers commercials and pregnant women already toting 3 kids on the subway. Turns out I had diminished egg quality due to my age (then 38+), so after 2 failed IUIs, we finally decided to do 1 round of IVF. After PGD testing, I only had 1 healthy embryo, so the odds were against us—but we did a Frozen Embryo Transfer in April 2015, and HOLY SHIT, it worked. Our son, Sonny, was born in 2015 followed by my podcast in March 2019—because I wanted to let my fellow #ttcsisters that they – YOU – are not alone.

Here at Fertility Rally, you will find a group of people from all walks of life, from all over the world who will form the biggest group hug around you. Right now, you may be in the center of this, and one day you will join the outside circle and wrap another in your love and understanding. Surviving this can come from leaning on the women who have lived this before you and alongside you and gathering the strength to help the women who are destined to follow after you. It’s unfortunate but seems inevitable nonetheless. This is the worst club with the best members, so let’s embrace it together!

We’re curious: What’s the number one thing you’d like to see as part of the Fertility Rally memberships? Shoot us a quick note and let us know. After all, this membership is for YOU!

Remember: This is the WORST CLUB with the BEST MEMBERS. And we’ve got you every step of the way.

XOXO Ali & Blair