The FREEdom Method: How I Went From Feeling Helpless to Getting Pregnant Naturally Within Months

Imagine you are driving and you suddenly come upon a roadblock. What do you do? You could throw up your hands and resolve to give up and camp out right there to live forever, or you can back up and find an alternative route to get to your destination. I know it probably sounds ridiculous to you to give up instead of backing up and finding alternatives. But this is precisely what many of us do when faced with our fertility challenges. I know I almost did after being told I had less than a 1% chance of having a child with my eggs.
My roadblock came in the form of a doctor sitting across the desk, telling me that my only realistic choices to become a mother were egg donors or adoption because my egg quality was too poor. “Less than 1% …“ was the only thing I heard as she continued to give me information about egg donors and adoption. This “roadblock” came in my fifth year of trying to conceive, after seven IUIs, two IVFs, and a day after my second IVF failed. Five years of emotional ups and downs, five years of trying
everything that was said to help me get pregnant, five years… five years of never even being close to pregnant.
If you could have read my mind at that moment, it would have sounded like this: “Less than 1%??… I should give up. That’s a nice way of saying 0%. How did I get here? This is impossible. I should just stop trying. It’s too much. I’m soooooo exhausted and beaten down.” My husband and I left the doctor’s office that morning, the lowest we have ever been during our infertility journey. At that moment, it would have been so easy to stop right there. In front of the roadblock and resolve, there was no turning around to look for alternatives. It’s time to stop. It would have been easy. However, I did not.
Instead of accepting the roadblock laid out in front of me, I backed up, turned around, found an alternate route, and as a result, I became pregnant, using my eggs, within months of being told I had a less than 1% chance. Today, I now have two biological kids, both through IVF, whom I lovingly refer to as my less than 1% family.
So, how did I do it?
Simply put, I changed the way I approached my fertility journey.
Up until this point, I was blindly following what professionals suggested without getting second opinions. It was at this moment in my journey that I realized I had not been advocating for myself. I never sought second opinions. I didn’t do enough research on my own. Honestly, I had
been too trusting. I am an artist by profession, where I use creative problem-solving every day to find solutions to obstacles. I realized that I was approaching my fertility obstacles very differently than my work obstacles. I asked myself that day, “Why can’t I create a strategy for my fertility challenges based on my design thinking expertise?”
I decided to do just that. 
Today, I call it my four-step FREEdom method, the underlying principle for my fertility strategy.
Step 1: Find your core values.
● Focus on getting to know yourself and finding clarity on your core values that you always want to strive for.
● The result is that you will know exactly what will fulfill you, and it will act as a compass to make sure you are always headed in the right direction when making decisions—your unique formula to happiness.
Step 2: Reframe your challenge.
● Reframing is the ability to back up and view your challenge from a different point of view.
● The result is that it gets you unstuck, instead of standing there in front of that roadblock feeling lost.
Step 3: Explore creative paths.
● Through creative brainstorming, you collect multiple perspectives (second opinions) to discover various alternative paths to try.
● The result is less stress and pressure because you now have many possible solutions.
Step 4: Execute your plan.
● Taking the solutions you came up within the previous step and choosing 1-2 to move forward with.
● The result is always taking action toward gaining fulfillment and happiness.
The FREEdom method is how I went from feeling completely helpless and out of control to finding control in my fertility journey, resulting in me getting pregnant within months. I did not let the roadblock stop me from seeking a way to my destination. I backed up and found another path to try. If I meet another barrier, I back up again and try a different path. The key is that I kept on adapting and seeking an alternative route.
It’s natural to hit roadblocks, but you have control over how you respond to it. You can let it stop you, or you can back up and look for alternative paths to reach your destination. Think of it as a blueprint to keep you on course and moving forward. I urge you always to keep your mind open
to those alternative paths. They may not be what you initially envisioned the path to be, but you might surprise yourself. Often it’s even better.
  • Jasmine Katatikarn is a certified coach and strategist who helps women create a purpose-led blueprint of their life to ensure they reach their goals. She brings in her expert artistic perspective to create a more holistic strategy that results in an action goal-oriented blueprint that is organic and unique to the person that keeps them moving forward no matter what obstacles they may face. If you are interested in learning more, Jasmine
    invites you to book a free 30-minute strategy call. You can DM her on IG at @jazzkatat

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