4 Easy Ways to Remove Toxins from Your Home

Cut the Plastic – While bottles of water are convenient, the transport they endure to get to the store’s shelves and then to your home is less than ideal. All of the heat they are exposed to releases toxins into the very water you drink. Plastic tuperware in the microwave or plastic freezer meals? Cut that […]

7 Things to Distract You During the TWW (or a wait of any kind)

Home Improvement Project – whether it’s reorganizing a closet, planting some flowers, or tackling a bigger remodel you’ve been dying to do, let the creative juices flow or those hammers swing! Binge Fest – Now is the time to rewatch an oldie like The OC or a fave like LOST… or how about a show you didn’t […]

3 Things to Do During the Months You’re Waiting for Treatment to Help You Feel Like You’re Not “Wasting Time”

Consider Extended Testing for Both You & Your Partner – This doesn’t  have to be anything major – just a simple blood clotting disorder test or even a thyroid panel. Or maybe it is time to ask for karyotyping testing if you haven’t done that yet. If you have a male partner and treatments aren’t working, has […]