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Struggling With Infertility? These Podcasts Will Validate Your Experience and Make You Feel Less Alone

How Infertility Went from a Taboo Topic to Buzzy ‘Brand’

Brooklyn Resident Ali Prato, Texas Woman Blair Nelson Create Support Community ‘Fertility Rally’ To Let Others Know They’re Not Alone

Infertility: The Stigma Ends Here

The pandemic upended pregnancy plans. Here's how these women adapted.

Infertility Podcast Offers Support for Women Trying to Conceive: 'It's OK to Talk About This'

Whitney Port may not want another child after suffering miscarriage

1 Mom's New Podcast Blows the Roof Off All Those "Unpleasant" Infertility Topics That Are So Hard to Talk About

Rachel Campos-Duffy sits down with women who are dealing with fertility complications to discuss real life difficulties.

My Miscarriage Changed My Life for the Better

Fertility Rally Live April 17th, 2021

As a Woman Podcast

Ep: 12 "I Volunteer as Tribute and Fertility Rally" with Ali Prato and Blair Nelson

Fertility Rally Shares Their Journey

The One We Talk About Infertility Struggles and Finding Support with Ali Prato and Blair Nelson

You Are Not Alone; An Interview with Fertility Rally co-founders Ali and Blair

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