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TwoPlus Fertility is Changing the Game When it Comes to Conception

Author: ali

Did you know what when you try naturally, less than 1% of sperm reach the egg? TwoPlus Fertility was invented to change that. They believe that when it comes to sperm, every drop counts. TwoPlus is a comfortable and easy to use at-home device that increases the chances of a sperm meeting an egg when […]

3 Fertility Superstitions You Should Partake In, because, Why Not?!

Author: Blair

McDonals French Fries There’s no *real* evidence to support that eating McDonald’s french fries after a transfer benefits the implantation process in any way. But, we will say this: They are delicious, and it’s certainly not going to hurt anything, so why the hell not? Any excuse to eat fries works for us. Plus, you […]

7 Things to Distract You During the TWW (or a wait of any kind)

Author: Blair

Home Improvement Project – whether it’s reorganizing a closet, planting some flowers, or tackling a bigger remodel you’ve been dying to do, let the creative juices flow or those hammers swing! Binge Fest – Now is the time to rewatch an oldie like The OC or a fave like LOST… or how about a show you didn’t […]

3 Things to Do During the Months You’re Waiting for Treatment to Help You Feel Like You’re Not “Wasting Time”

Author: Blair

Consider Extended Testing for Both You & Your Partner – This doesn’t  have to be anything major – just a simple blood clotting disorder test or even a thyroid panel. Or maybe it is time to ask for karyotyping testing if you haven’t done that yet. If you have a male partner and treatments aren’t working, has […]

You’ve Had a Miscarriage. Now What? Three Ways to Manage Your Loss

Author: ali

Miscarriage is never an easy journey, and we want you to know you do not have to go through this alone. In this blog post, Suzie Welsh Divine, founder of Binto and an IVF nurse-turned IVF patient–walks you through three different ways to approach miscarriage management. A miscarriage can come with many questions, from “Why is […]


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Ali & Blair

Learning—and Confessing—That Our Unexplained Infertility Was All My Fault

By Amy Gallo Ryan When we transferred genetically tested embryos for the first time, it felt like the fertility equivalent of playing with a stacked deck. It was our fifth IVF embryo transfer, but our doctor was so convinced we would be successful that he initiated near-daily conversations about how many embryos we should transfer. […]

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When it Comes to Exercise and Fertility, What’s the Right Amount?

By Mahri Relin I worked with women through their pregnancies and beyond for a long time before fertility as a fitness issue truly entered my consciousness.  When a few close friends a few years ago experienced multiple miscarriages and failed IVF experiences, however, I began to think more carefully about it as a factor in […]

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“I Tested Positive for Coronavirus in the Middle of an IVF Cycle”

While our struggles with infertility only go back two years, it feels like they are ingrained in our four-year marriage as solidly as any of its other defining characteristics. Infertility is a part of who we are now, and I feel that acutely. That the key chapters of our fertility story would hit right in […]

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The FREEdom Method: How I Went From Feeling Helpless to Getting Pregnant Naturally Within Months

Imagine you are driving and you suddenly come upon a roadblock. What do you do? You could throw up your hands and resolve to give up and camp out right there to live forever, or you can back up and find an alternative route to get to your destination. I know it probably sounds ridiculous […]

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